Mid-Columbia Senior Softball Association


 2017 Mid-Columbia Senior Softball Association Playoffs   :8/3/2016

Home Team will be listed First:

Columbia Basin Cardiology   18        vs Cline Computers    13     6:30 PM   Field S-1

Connel Oil         22                             vs Big River Drafting   14    6:30 PM   Field S-2

Uptown Vision Center  11                 vs Ice Harbor Brewery  17   6:30PM   Field S-3

Pocket I Net      17                            vs Vintage Ave. Houseplants 2   6:30 PM   Field S-4

                                                     SECOND ROUND

Winner S-1 Cardio 8               vs      Winner S-3    Ice Harbor 5           8:00 PM   Field S-1

Lose S-1 Uptown   Vision 12  vs      Loser    S-3  Cline     11                8:00 PM    Field S-4

Loser   S-4   Big River 11      vs  Loser S-2  Vintage Houseplants  13  8-00 PM    FieldS-3
Winner S-4                              vs       Winner S-2                           8:00 PM   Field S-4

                                              THIRD ROUND  August 7, 2017

1st and 2nd Place

Winner  S-1  Columbia Basin Cardio    vs Winner  S-4     Pocket I Net      6:30 PM

3rd and 4th Place
Loser    S-4 Connel Oil                            vs  Loser   S-1     Ice Harbor        6:30 PM

5th and 6th Place

Winner  S-3 Vintage Houseplant            vs  Winner S-2    Uptown Vision  6:30 PM

7th and 8th Place

Loser    S-1 Cline Computers                vs  Loser   S-3     Big River          6:30 PM


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