Mid-Columbia Senior Softball Association

Coaches' Responsibilities

Coaches' Responsibilities

Mid-Columbia Senior Softball Association (MCSSA) coaches are volunteers who have been selected to manage league teams and coach its players.  There are responsibilities the league has adopted to ensure the success of both the coaches and the league.

Coaches are expected to

    • set a good example for their teammates based on the qualities of good sportsmanship
    • represent and support the team sponsor well by playing in the uniform that has been provided to the players
    • know and understand the Rules and Regulations of the league
    • bring the ASA rules book to all games in order to answer pertinent question that may arise.
      (Note that MCSSA league rules in some instances may differ from ASA rules)
    • be the one and ONLY team members to discuss a dispute with the umpire when a disagreement arises.
      (Failure to adhere to this expectation results in forfeiture if the umpire sees fit), and
    • assign an Assistant Coach as a backup in case they cannot be present for a game.

Winning Team Responsibilities

Winning teams are responsible for e-mailing the score and outcome after game completion to Ed King at edking12@yahoo.com.  Game results must be provided no later than the Friday of that week’s play or the reporting team's win may be subject to forfeiture.

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