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The Mid-Columbia Senior Softball Association was formed in April of 2004 by an inspired senior citizen that had played senior softball in Arizona and California. His name was Bob Snider and he set into motion the league that exists at this time. There were three teams that initial year and the league expanded to seven by 2013. Today, the MCSSA is happy to invite both men and women to play.  As a senior league, men and women were required to be at least 50 years of age.  However, in 2014, the Board dropped the age requirement for women who had a spouse or significant other who was actively competing in the league, then the following year, dropped the requirement that they be a significant other or spouse.  All women turning 45 years of age during the season were welcomed to compete in an effort to make the league available to more participants.

Our league is fortunate to feature team sponsors which generously help cover league expenses by contributing sponsor fees.  But, one element that makes our league unique is that we conduct a player draft each year.  Therefore, players may not be on the same team each year. Each spring, players go through tryouts, so the coaches can evaluate their skills. They are then placed on a draft board along with the players that have participated in the league in previous years. The coaches then draw numbers for the draft, and select the players on a rotating basis to fill out their teams.  All individuals who want to play and are signed up are selected.  We believe this format instills a sense of fair play and creates team 'parity' so all teams are competitive and balanced.

The league is governed by a Boards of Directors and has set of Rules and Regulations that all players adhere to. The league offers the 'over 50' crowd a fun way to meet new friends and get some great exercise.

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